Club House

Club House

Club House

Beauty, weel Being, relaxation, entertainment, harmony and sports.

POZOS takes preserves old buildings and fragments of old architecture and integrates them to to the site in Casa Club, a majestic place destinaed to sports, wellbeing, harmony and relaxation for everyone of its inhabitants.

It is a beautiful place, surrounded by gardens that welcomes all its residents.


Places to take the sun

We provide places to bathe in the sun, whre you will be able to organize family gatherings, or any other activities.


A perfect place for massage, for relaxation, body treatments, ritual baths, swimming pool, sensational cabins for relaxation, beautiful bridge constructed above mirrorlike waters, and all this made for you to enjoy the most beautiful and relaxing moments.

Hot tub

You can enjoy hot tubs, which will transport your body and mind , you will feel relaxed and free, and all this combined with marvelous weather and surroundings.

Outdoors swimming pool

During sunny days, there is nothing better than to enjoy swimming with your children in our pools for adult people or for toddlers, all in surrounding beautiful gardens.

Historic ruins

The emblematic Ruina el Coloso surrounded by other architectural remains, Casa Club invites you to all kinds of activities in all this areas, in our spacious gardens, here a photo taken by Antonio Turok

Restaurant Bar

For breakfasta or lunch near your house in our restaurant with a terrace, this is an ideal place to enjoy moments with your family or friends, in a private and cozy atmosphere, with view toward the incredible gardens in Casa Club.