Privacy Notice

Dear Client,

SEÑORES DE POZOS GLOBAL PROJECT Y DESARROLLADORA SEÑORES DE POZOS PRIMER BARRIO are responsible for collecting and managing all personal data, we have established measures to guarantee to safeguard your personal information, for this reason we do as follows:

Privacy Notice

On the basis of Article 15, 16, in addition to other applicable requirements of Federal Law to protect personal data, and the Law of Personal Data Protection, we remind you that SEÑORES DE POZOS GLOBAL PROJECT Y DESARROLLADORA SEÑORES DE POZOS PRIMER BARRIO (“POZOS”), located in Calle caballo calco No. 42, Col. del Carmen, Coyoacán, C.P. 04100, México Ciudad de México, and web page www.pozos.mx, is responsible of collectin, protecting Personal Data, according to Principles of lawfulness, approval, information, purpose, proportionality and legitimacy.

Our clients, including holders, co-holders, acredited bodies, guarantors, married partnerships, or any other partnership, submit Personal Data to POZOS directly, or by a proxy, subsidiaries or affiliated companies, or commercial allies.

Personal Data are collected through our offices, public events for sales, e-mail, telephone, internet pages, web, chat, FB, Twitter, or similar.

To acquire real estate property, I. first contact, your name, address, telephone number, cellphone number, e-mail, office telephone number, social security number, Clave Única de Registro de Población, inciso, is required for this part, only when the Holder gives us his authorization to make pre – qualification before INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE, or any banking institution of his choice. II – in relationto the purchase, promise of purchase, (a) place of birth, gender, document of common law marriage, alta de Registro Federal de Contribuyentes, or any other modification, cedula de inentificación fiscal, clave de Registro de Contribuyentes, if it wasn’t required before. Number of social security, or Clave unica de vivienda, if it wasn’t required previously, (I), número de Registro patronal, ; (j) Clave Única de Registro de Población, (k) official evidence of your address, (l)credit history, (m), bank account data, (n) information of income and expenses, (ñ) labour data, your post, address, telephone number, contacts, (o) personal or business references, (p) ID, in case of foreigners, their migratory documents which gives accreditation of their stay in the country, (q) any important data to acquire the real estate III.- everything for the deed of property.

For possible lease of properties: In your first visit, for lease, - complete name , address, e-mail. Telephone numbers, office, house, cell phone, I – related the Holder or jointly liable, (a) place and date of birth, (b)nationality, (c) marriage certificate, (d) document accrediting common law marriage, ; (e) alta de Registro Federal de Contribuyentes; y/o or any modification; (f) cedula de identificación fiscal y/o clave del Registro Federal de Contribuyentes; (g) ) official evidence of your address, (h) power of attorney, (i) personal references, (j) ID, in case of foreigners, in case of foreigners, their migratory documents which gives accreditation of their stay in the country (k) any other data required to legal relationship to lease property. III.- only jointly liable, we require, (a) property deed that will guarantee payment for the purchase. (b) last payment of boleta predial, (c) certification of no additional financial burden on property.

It is important to notice that data given to POZOS by platforms such as Twitter or Facebook will be also logged, and POZOS does not have any control on them, so it is under the responsibility of the client.

POZOS is not entitled to collect data by cookies or web beacons.

We understand that all personal data that we receive from you are already authorized, and will be treated in accordance with our policy of privacy.

Our primary aims on Personal Data will be (a) identify you as a potential client, who is interested in our products, or services, (b) to meet your needs, (c) contact you and be at your service during the purchase or lease, (d) assistance during credit management, credit preparation, and pre – qualification system (e) arrangements before third parties, (f) processing of documents, contracts, arrangements, invoices, receipts, documents related to purchase or leasing.(g) management of complaints (h) evaluating of quality, post – sale follow - up, or post lease follow – up (i) storage (j) following general terms and conditions established between us and clients.

Secondary purposes applicable to Personal data will be (a) inform you about new developments and advances, (b)statistics, (c) marketing, (d) prospecting

Confidentiality of Personal data is guaranteed and will be protected by administrative technical and physical safety, to avoid harm, lost, doctoring or destruction, improper use or disclosure. Such as the data in our internal database, where we can access by codes, which are changed periodically, and all this is restricted to authorized personnel only.

You have the right to access, correction, and cancellation of your personal data, or object the procedure, derechos ARCO. To proceed, you or your proxy must submit a written request of ejercicio del Derecho ARCO addressed to clients department, of POZOS which is responsible of protection of personal data, whose address is mentioned above, or you can also contact contacto@POZOS.com.mx (Solicitud) you will need to receive acknowledgement of receipt, This Solicitud will need (a) complete name or complete name of your proxy (b) e-mail address to receive notifications (c) copy of ID with photo, yours or your proxy (d) letter of attorney if needed, signed by two witnesses, (e) clear and precise information and description of personal data to exercise the rights of Derecho ARCO (f) any element or information to trace your Personal data (g) your signature, or your proxy’s signature.

In case of requesting to exercise your rights (a) correction- you have to indicate the modification you want to make, and provide necessary documents to support the request (b) access – POZOS will facilitate data by e-mail or selling point, or POZOS offices.

In a period of maximum 20 workdays after receiving Solicitud –Request, we have the obligation to inform you by email address. In case your request is fulfilled, it will be made effective in 15 business days.

In addition, the procedure to exercise the right to Derecho Arco, you have the right to Fines Secundarios – Secondary Purposes, (a) withdraw or express refusal to deal with your Personal Data, or (b) be included in “Listado de Exclusión” enabled by POZOS which enables us the use of Personal Data disclosure, for both purposes is enough to send us a request for withdrawal or being excluded, which will need (a) complete name (b) e-mail to send it, and will be addressed to customer attention area of POZOS to electrónicocontacto@pozos.mx, and an acknowledgement of receipt will be needed. This acknowledgement will contain certificate of withdrawal or registration to “Listado de exclusión” POZOS will deliver this within 5 business days.

Every document will be PDF format, legible, and complete.

If you consider that your right to protect your Personal Data has been violated by POZOS, or suspect that any of your data has not been handled properly, and not in accordance with provisions under the law, you have the right to lodge a complaint before the Instituto Federal de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos, IFAI. (www.ifai.gob.mx), within 15 business days, after receiving answer from POZOS, or before the period of 20 days, from receiving the receipt of Solicitud de ejercicio de derechos.

POZOS is a company in the marketing of properties, so as a consequence the Perosnal data might be transferred to a subsidiary or to an affiliate, trust, parent company, joint owner, commercial ally or third party, all in the sector of marketing of properties. Likewise, it could be transferred to people or organizations that follow: authorized public or private financial institutions, including INFONAVIT or FOVISSSTE, notaries, property managements, property appraisers, or any other that might need it and have contacted us for those purposes.

Important: any modification to this Aviso de Privacidad (Privacy Notice) will be notified to you at : www.pozos.mx found in Aviso de privacidad, without being necessary to inform you individually.

Last update 07/07/2014 | Protección de Datos Personales.