All together we will make extraordinary works.

Innovative concept

Core of a new community

Life in community

A pleasant urban spirit of living together

Beautiful life in a neighborhood

The joy of living in a neighborhood means to bring back old customs and urban coexistence, which allows us to recover a superb quality of life.

In a free space without divisions, you can bring back the real purpose of life, enjoy endless walks on our beautiful avenues, on foot or bike, in our park, leading to a lake.

A project with high increasing real estate value is welcoming you in our national and foreign community, that looks for a new experience of living in magic towns with a long and rich history in Mexico.

A great tradition of social harmony

Architectural structures, natural reserves, social areas, commercial zones, all are strategically distributed all over our building development, and all adapted for all kinds of necessities and tastes.

Quality of our building development

Great part of our innovative concept is due to our planning logistics for underground services such as water, electricity, sewer, etc. Our paved walkways for cars, high technology for parking lots, trees and bushes, lights on trees, lampposts, all designed to look like a magic town. And on top of it, all related to the local rich history.

Environmental Sustainability

Nature that embraces life

Natural Environment

Sustainable Resources

More nature, more life

POZOS has been designed to make the urban area as green as possible.

This generates low density of construction which protects the future of our development.

To protect the beautiful landscape toward the hills, the architecture uses sustainable materials, and the buildings have no more than two floors.

The recovery of deforestation

The core of the project counts with 37 hectares for a park in the middle, to preserve local vegetation, and also local wildlife animals.

Using local materials for construction

To save resources, we use local materials and local labor force, all this to make this project sustainable. Trees, cactus, and bushes have been placed along to preserve the beauty of the site.

Beautiful Lakes / Jagüeyes

The development intends creation of eight lakes that will benefit the microclimate, permitting the capture of rainwater, and all this will allow extraordinary landscape and natural sites for leisure.

Sustainablel development project

Permeable roadways, rainwater pickup, plan to reuse water, topography, terrain and landscape, respect for natural vegetation, pipe for dirty water and drinking water, all this make our project sustainable.

Cultural Preservation

The ultimate culture in your hands


Culture make peoples honorable

Recovery of historical buildings and national monuments

  • Escuela Modelo
  • Hacienda La Centra
  • Hacienda Coloso
  • Hacienda 5 Señores
  • Hacienda el Triángulo
  • Hacienda La Planta

Support for cultural traditions

Pozos makes a commitment to support prehispanic traditions that are still alive around the site, and gives additional cultural value to Mineral de Pozos.

Designation of origin

Fostering the designation of origin of the local mescal, Pozos will promote the planting of agave, the development of of tourism, as well as this Mexican beverage, and construction of a hotel dedicated to history of mescal.

Social Inclusion

All together we will make extraordinary works.

To work together

Multiple results

Ímpetu por educación de calidad

We are committed to local education system, with support of ONG, to foster the local school cluster, which is the most important of the State of Guanajuato, as well as the development of labor and trade skills.

Development of productive projects.

  • Worm compost
  • Plant and tree nursery
  • Touristic services (guías, bicicletas, temazcales, etc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and hostels
  • Handicrafts

Job creation

Infraestructure Initiative

  • Sewer
  • Drinking water
  • Construction of downtown
  • Attention for tourists center (CAV Turístico)
  • Direct highway from highway 57
  • Residual water treatment plant
  • Underground cables
  • Recovering of houses’ forefronts
  • Remake of pedestrian access
  • Access for heavy transport
  • Sports facilities