Sustainable Community


Sustainable Community


Sustainable Community


The sustainable community concept reconquest
the most ancient manners of life and neighbourhood coexistence.

A life in a comunity

It is a free space without divisions, bringing back the joy of relaxing walks on sidewalks and paths, or cycling on avenues and parks, near lakes that converge into a park which is a natural core of this new community.

Ideal for

A residential project meant for families who are passionate about culture and tourist adventure, or for those who are looking for relaxation on weekends.


The Ruins In a Park

The core of the project will be a majestic territorial reserve, where the formidable Casa Club , a hotel dedicated to history, museography, shops , sports areas, paths, old fashioned distillery, and a landscape with agave could be enjoyed.

Commercial Area

Our shopping center offers all the necessary services such as shops, laundromats, drugstores, pet shops, coffee shops, and other basic commodities.

Bike Route

Ideal for transportation, enjoying the natural beauty around, or for visiting the neighboring town.


Our broad avenues offers a sensation of living in a park, besides stimulating walks, a joy of sharing your life in a community, and enjoying fresh air.


Also our lakes give you a sensation of living in nature, stimulating walking around water, and enjoying life in a community.

Botanical Garden

Our gardens will provide you with joy of living in nature, and a joy of sharing your life in a community.

Select a sphere and discover closely
asome of the development fragments./h3>

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Ventas y Showroom/Sales

Ocampo No.3, Col. Centro Mineral de Pozos. San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato
+52 (55) 5658 6159/ 442 2930230
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Pozos is magnificent

Last year I went to mineral de Pozos And they explain to me the the great development that they have, and I think, I want to be part of this fantastic place, despite the fact that are building in San Miguel de Allende. That same day I decided to buy a property

Juan Alberto briones

A place with history and beauty

Mineral de Pozos it’s a place for enjoying life that you deserve to live

Martha Ríos SLP